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News From The Corridors
Prabhash Joshi Award for Malkhamb to be given for first time
19 August 2013
Bhopal,19/August/2013 >>>>Prestigious awards of the state are given on Sports Day (August 29) every year. For the first time, “Prabhash Joshi Award” will be given for Malkhamb. As many as 150 applications have been received for the award. Total 10 applications have been received under this category including 2 for Rope Malkhamb and 8 for Malkhamb. This award will be given to only one player.

Vikram Award
In all, 54 applications have been received for Vikram Award including 16 of women and 38 men. One application each has been received for power-lifting, judo, boxing, basketball, shooting, table tennis, soft-tennis, cricket, fencing, athletics, chess, hockey, badminton and equestrian, 2 each for karate and soft-ball and 4 applications each have been received in wrestling, kayaking and canoeing.

Under the category of games not played in Olympics/Asian Games, 4 players have applied for power lifting, 2 Malkhamb, 3 throw-ball and one in vovinam (martial art). Under disabled category, 1 player has applied for kayaking-canoeing, 5 swimming and one each in shooting and power-lifting. This year, 10 players will be honoured with Vikram Award.

Eklavya Award
Under this category, 68 players including 38 women and 30 men have moved applications. Of these, 6 applications have been received for swimming, 1 sailing, 2 canoeing-kayaking, 4 wrestling, 2 judo, 3 basketball, 5 lawn tennis, 2 soft tennis, 5 wushu, 3 boxing, 5 karate, on each in skating, equestrian, badminton, volleyball, weightlifting and athletics and 2 each in shooting and Taekwondo. Under the category of games not played in Olympics/ Asian Games, 6 applications have been received for Malkhamb, 1 power-lifting, 8 throw-ball, 3 roller-skating and one application has been received for doss-ball. This year, 15 junior players will be given Eklavya Award.

Vishwamitra Award
Sports Department has received 16 awards this year for Vishwamitra Awards given to best coaches. One application each has been received for kayaking-canoeing, Malkhamb, rowing, wrestling, wushu, boxing, Taekwondo, shooting, tennis and roller skating, one each in team kabaddi and basketball and 2 applications have been submitted by throw-ball coaches.

In all, 12 applications have been received for life-time achievement award. Last year, this award was given to hockey coach Shakeel Ahmad Qureshi.
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